It is a near certainty that stable sea levels for as far into the future as we care to think of have now ended. It will be more and more difficult for the next and further generations to cope with this one change alone.

Unless the world acts immediately, other changes that occur at the same time as sea level rise, will occur at such a rate that they make sea level rise look like a small problem. 

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  • commented on Want to Vote Centre-Right But About Climate Change? Here's How You can do Both. 2014-09-18 21:55:45 +1200
    Except that National if elected back into office in 2014 won’t be moving on climate change on its own accord or by a smaller party. No matter what. It is an inescapable fact. It’s already been set.

    My proposition is that climate voter should of course penetrate the political spectrum to broaden success, but this works better as a longer term strategy than responding to the current reality. A vote for National or their potential partners is a vote against the climate. This is proven by policy, and if not by policy then by track record, and this will not change until their policies change – and they will need to be in opposition first for this to happen.