A Chamberlain Park for everyone!

The future of Chamberlain Park should be...

Making Chamberlain Park publicly accessible is critical to delivering on the Auckland Plan and catering to the needs of the Waitematā and Albert-Eden Local Board area.

This is one of the fastest-growing neighbourhoods with many new apartments and townhouses being added every week. 

To make sure we continue to grow sustainably as a livable, low carbon city,  it is critical that we provide accessible green space to ensure a high quality of life for the people of Auckland. 

At a time in history where the majority of people live in urban areas we need to ensure that the future of our cities includes green open spaces that are accessible by all, creating a more equitable future. 

This is what makes the debate around the future of Albert-Eden’s Chamberlain Park so important. Generation Zero and Women in Urbanism want a future where everyone has access to green open spaces that encourage sustainable modes of travel such as walking and cycling and support the precious biodiversity of Aotearoa. The park in its current state as only a golf course with no public access is incompatible with our vision. We want to see a change from a mono-use, privatised public park to multi-use public park. 

We believe the key focus for the future of the park should be: 

  • Increasing everyone’s access to Chamberlain Park 
  • Improving walking and cycling links through the area: 
    • The golf course makes it difficult to walk and cycle through the neighbourhood by creating a barrier 
    • The golf course blocks entry to The North-Western Cycleway, which is one of Auckland’s busiest routes 
    • Adding a new walking and cycling bridge over State Highway 16 will connect Chamberlain Park with Western Springs Park and prioritise low-carbon transport options for local trips to the park 
  • Restoring the Meola Creek (Waitītiko) 
  • Planting more native trees to bring native birds back to the park, improve biodiversity, and support carbon sequestration 

The future of the golf course and the addition of other potential sporting facilities requires better evidence and community consultation run by the Albert-Eden Local Board. 

We will present this petition and suggestions gathered to the Albert-Eden Board on the 4th December, to call for a Chamberlain Park that supports a liveable and equitable Tāmaki Makaurau for all! 

By signing this petition you are showing your support for opening up Chamberlain Park for more users, increasing biodiversity, water quality and walking and cycling connections.