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Thank you for considering making a donation to Generation Zero's Auckland election campaign fund. We're relying entirely on small donations from people who believe in making a greater Auckland for everyone. We receive no government funding. Last election we ran our highly effective campaign that got the Congestion Free Network on the political agenda with an award winning marketing campaign and held Auckland's elected representatives to account. This election we are going to scorecard candidates across Auckland, focusing on key Councillors that will ensure a majority on the Auckland Council Governing Body are supportive of our issues we’ve campaigned on previously, while helping to make sure young people get out to vote. To pull off this bold strategy and have the most impact possible we are going to need to need resources to do it. So can you become a recurring donor for the five months of the election campaign or chip in so we can make this happen? Contribute now so we can make this happen below by making a one-off donation or a recurring donation.

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