Fixing the OuterLink to improve our bus network in Tāmaki Makaurau!

The Outer Link is one of Auckland’s most iconic bus routes. It has helped grow public transport patronage by linking many of our key attractions with a good frequency and its distinctive orange branding. However, the Outer Link has served its time for Auckland. Our city is maturing and as part of this our public transport network is changing from a focus on providing for peak trips to our city centre, to complete network that connects its citizens to everywhere at all times of the day. Auckland Transport has proposed splitting the Outer Link roughly in half, with one service running between Pt Chev and Newmarket through the city (referred to as the Outer Link), and the other running between Pt Chev and Glen Innes (following the route of the 650, and referred to as the 65). Continue reading

Zero Times - April 2019

Welcome to Zero Times for April 2019! I'm Kit and I've taken over for Injy as the Administrator for Generation Zero. We hope you had a wonderful Easter break! You can see what mahi the Gen Zero whānau across the nation have been up to below and what plans are for the year. For questions, suggestions - please email [email protected] :) Continue reading

They ratified, but we ain't satisfied

The Paris Agreement has come into force and is now set to take effect on 4 November. While this is a great first step towards dealing with the climate crisis, there is still a long way to go. For New Zealand, we think that the Zero Carbon Act we’re currently writing will provide the necessary legal framework to make a significant and worthwhile contribution to this global effort. The Zero Carbon Act will commit New Zealand to net zero emissions by 2050, and it is the most robust government response to get us there. Continue reading

Time for a real price on carbon

The Government is consulting on changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme, and it's an opportunity to tell them to put a real price on carbon pollution. If the ETS is going to be our "main tool" to reduce emissions, we need to design so it actually works! Submissions close 5pm Friday 19 February, and we've prepared a quick guide to help you make a personal submission. Continue reading

A zero carbon target for New Zealand

This is the first in a series of blogs about New Zealand’s post-2020 climate change commitments. Use our quick submission tool to send a submission to the Government by June 3rd at The climate change debate is littered with numbers, but there’s one that’s probably most important of all: zero. Continue reading

Ways to #CutTheGap: Carbon Forestry

There’s a growing gap between New Zealand's rising carbon pollution and the Government's commitments to reduce it. The good news is there are a bunch of practical things we can do now to #CutTheGap and invest in a better future. It might sound simple, but planting trees can be a big part of that. Continue reading

Live from Lima: NZ's record on climate not something to be proud of

New Zealanders have a lot of things to be proud of, but unfortunately our climate change policy is not one of them. I’m here at the UN climate conference in Lima, Peru, where New Zealand is coming under serious criticism for our weak commitments and weaker results. Continue reading

Ways to #CutTheGap: Smarter Transport, Cleaner Cars

There’s a growing gap between New Zealand's rising carbon pollution and the Government's commitments to reduce it. The good news is there are a bunch of practical things we can do to cut the gap and invest in a better future. Transport stands out as one of the easiest areas for New Zealand to make big improvements in our climate change impact.  Continue reading

This Mother Gave a Poem To the UN On Why We Must Act on Climate Change For Our Daughters Sake

26 year old poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, from the Marshall Islands, told this poem at the Opening Ceremony of the UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit. After Kathy finished telling her poem entitled "Dear Matafele Peinem", her daughter and husband joined her on stage, to a standing ovation with many world leaders moved to tears.

400 People Just Showed That Auckland Will Be Just Like Copenhagen One Day. And It Looks Beautiful.

We put a call out for a few people who want better cycling infrastructure in Auckland to turn up for small bike ride one Sunday. The reaction was pretty overwhelming as you will see.