So I Think We Should Put a Price on Carbon, but What Do Parties Think?

Our last blog had some information about carbon pricing, why it's important for the low-carbon transition and the current situation in New Zealand. Now we take a look at what parties are doing about it. We won’t tell you who to vote for - use this information to inform what you do. The sources of these policies are from the parties’ own websites, other public statements and actions they have taken over the last few years.   Continue reading

How Can Your Vote Shape a Low Carbon Future? It Starts with Carbon Pricing

This is the first of Generation Zero’s election policy blogs. For each one, we’ll be posting a general explainer on why one element of policy is important for climate change action in this country, along with a more detailed explanation of each of the different party’s policies and how effective we think they will be. Today’s focus is a price on carbon. The blog on party policies for carbon pricing is here.  The premise of placing a price on carbon is relatively simple: carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) are the drivers of climate change, so if we charge a sum of money for each tonne emitted we will (a) force the polluter to pay for their damage and (b) incentivise shifts to low-carbon alternatives, which will help green tech industries and initiate a transition to a low-carbon society. Continue reading

The next time someone says "I Don't Vote" show them this video of the next leaders of NZ

At the end of the day, whether if you want to engage in our government or not, it's going to affect you.  

This Video Both Enlightened And Gave Me Hope About Solving Climate Change. That's Why I Love It.

Young people are committed to solving climate change. And this video proves it. Pass it on if you agree.    

Generation Zero and the Climate Voter Case

Plenty of people will now be aware that there is a court battle around the Climate Voter campaign, being run as a joint project between 6 NGOsincluding Generation Zero. The High Court hearing happened yesterday. Continue reading

REPORT: A challenge to our leaders

A Challenge to Our Leaders is a call for leadership on climate change. It lays out why we believe New Zealand needs a plan to move off fossil fuels for our energy and transport. It highlights other countries that already have a plan - like Denmark. And it shows that our Government currently has no plan at all. Continue reading

Did Bill English really say that?

July 18, 2014 On Monday, the National Party held a public meeting at the Kelston Community Center. In attendance were Alfred Ngaro (Te-Atatu Candidate), Paula Bennett (Minister for Social Affairs) and Bill English (Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister). The community members of Kelston had come out in numbers to hear the what the National Party had to say. The packed hall was presented with a well rehearsed and absolutely on-point political spiel from the National Party members. Bill English spoke beautifully on the party line with its focus on jobs, education and the economy. All the good stuff. Policy aims and aspirations that made me feel warm inside. Then the floor was opened up for questions. Bill English was the clearly the pointman for this event. He took all the questions from the floor. Continue reading