The Great Climate Voter Debate - Wellington Live Stream

Be part of one of the most important debates of our time. Witness politicians answer the tough questions on climate change policy in front of a live audience on the day polling begins in the 2014 New Zealand General Election.

See candidates try to convince Climate Voters that their party will take real action on climate change.

Climate Voter is hosting a live debate between the major political parties on 3rd September and we want everyone who cares about this all-important issue to be part of it.

Join us at San Fran (171 Cuba St, Wellington) for a live stream of the debate direct from the Q Theatre in Auckland.

There'll also be free live music afterwards!

Debate participants and celebrity MC will be announced next week.

If you can't join us in person, you can live stream the debate from wherever you are in the world at

In the lead-up to the debate we’re posing a question each week to the parties via twitter. You can see their responses so far

Meanwhile, sign on as a Climate Voter at if you haven’t already, invite your friends to sign on and check you’re enrolled to vote at

Brought to you by Generation Zero, 350 Aotearoa, Forest & Bird, Oxfam NZ, WWF New Zealand & Greenpeace New Zealand.

  • September 03, 2014 at 6:45pm – 8:45pm
  • San Fran
    171 Cuba St
    New Zealand
    Google map and directions
  • 147 people are going
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Mike Camden Jaime Grimmett Christian Williams Richie Singleton Ione Grace Gen Gen Serena Chen Arish Naresh Jac Vaughan-Sanders Jonathan Williams Lisa Jayne Garland Stephanie Coleman Laura McKim Anthony Cabraal Grace Brew Zac Kedgley Foot Lucie Julia Greenwood Amy Dolden Shawnee Westerman Katy Birchall Neil Meekin Alasdair Keating James Harcourt Sunniva Jones Isabella Rose Sam Whitmore Miranda Corin Ruth Hendry Tushara Kodikara Kimberley Kram Capucine B. Penicaud Amy Austin Fi Gibson Buaphrao Jesse Raphiphatthana Jemma Titheridge Tom Mellor Nick Stonecold Johnstone Lottie Boardman Alex Telfar Natasja Jade Grace Nunn Courtney Harle Jojo Mcv Lara Rapson JuanPablo Beltran Mainero Monica Coulson Jess Zebra-East Chris Gibbons

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Mike Camden
Jaime Grimmett
Christian Williams
Richie Singleton
Jonathan Williams
Stephanie Coleman
Anthony Cabraal
Grace Brew
Zac Kedgley Foot
Lucie Julia Greenwood
Amy Dolden
Sunniva Jones
Miranda Corin
Tushara Kodikara

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  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-09-02 21:37:50 +1200
    Remember to join us at San Fran tomorrow night from 6:45pm for the debate! TV3’s Samantha Hayes will be our host and moderator. The debate line-up includes National’s Minister for Climate Issues Tim Groser, Labour deputy leader David Parker, Green co-leader Russel Norman, New Zealand First deputy leader Tracey Martin, and Internet Mana candidate John Minto. Seating might be tight so get in early if you prefer sitting to standing!
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