Get to know your DCC Planning Process

How does the Dunedin City Council work?

Check out this 2 minute illustrated overview of the what the Dunedin City Council does and how it impacts on our everyday lives. As presented to Dunedin's high schools, but very helpful for all of us!



So then, you may be thinking 'Where does the Annual Plan fit in?'

 Timeline of Council Planning


Every three years, the Council sets (in consultation with the community) a Long Term Plan for the city. This Plan (covering the following 10 years) determines how much money is allocated to activities and services the Council provides, and what new projects are invested in.

The Council’s Annual Plan, set on the other two years, provides a draft budget for the year ahead. Community feedback is sought on areas where budgets or timing of projects differ from those outlined in the Long Term Plan.

You can see the Council's own summary of the Annual Plan 2017/18, at the bottom of this page.

This year, the Annual Plan budget only differs significantly in one activity budget line - the level of funding allocated to delivering Te Ao Turoa - Dunedin's Environment Strategy. They are asking us specifically for feedback on this point.

There are many major projects planned for 2017/18, which were agreed to in the 2015 Long Term Plan. These include:

  • The Central City Plan: Major improvements of the CBD and Tertiary Precincts, including changes to public spaces, transportation changes (including the introduction of pedestrian areas), and underground infrastucture renewals.
  • Upgrading and maintenance of local amenities and utilities: Upcoming projects include the refurbishment of the Ross Creek Reservoir, replacing and upgrading water, wastewater and stormwater facilities, and the introduction of LED street lights across the city.
  • Transport Projects: There are number of transport projects, which are expected to make up 50% of the capital expenditure budget. The Peninsula Connection which will introduce a cycle and pedestrian path along Portobello Road. Cycleways will  connect the city and the Otago Harbour, and as well as safety improvements will be made to the State Highway One cycleway.

The overall proposed budgets for these major projects are largely unchanged, but work on many of them has been delayed.

Council has also signalled that the feedback that we give this year will further inform the development of next year's Long Term Plan (which will set the levels of expenditure on various services, activities and projects for the next ten years). 

Community feedback (in support of or opposition to) these projects provides an opportunity to support the improved investment choices. Sending a clear message that we want to see Council investing in solutions to environmental issues provides our elected councillors with a mandate to deliver on key Council commitments.

 Below is a brief summary of the substance of the Annual Plan as provided by the Council. Alternatively, more detailed information can be accessed here.





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