Crown Minerals Act Review

At Generation Zero, we’re incredibly proud of what we achieved, getting the Zero Carbon Act signed into law before the holidays in 2019. It’s been a gruelling journey, but it’s been worth the wait. This is the beginning of a journey to transform how we live in Aotearoa, to be more just, more fair and more embracing of change. Now the government is looking at amending the Crown Minerals Act, this is a good opportunity to end the promotion of fossil fuel mining. The Crown Minerals Act currently governs who is permitted to mine in New Zealand and is important in determining rights during a just transition to a zero carbon economy. 


Changing the Crown Minerals Act now will remove non-interference zones from the periphery of energy sites, shift the Crown’s focus from increasing mining and drilling to managing what we are already drilling, and remove preeminent allocation of new permits to existing permit holders. This will lead to more effective accountability mechanisms to make sure that we achieve the targets outlined in our first carbon budget.


We must come together to hold the Government accountable for stewardship of our energy resources. 

Generation Zero supports a just transition to renewable energy and ensuring communities have a say in their future! Please show your support by submitting on the Crown Minerals Act review 

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