We oppose the proposed oil and gas drilling off the coast of Otago by OMV. We need to move to renewable energy now in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. The DCC has already acknowledged that continued use of fossil fuels is contributing


Generation Zero is a movement of young New Zealanders uniting to ensure our future well-being is not undermined by political decisions made today on climate change and fossil fuel policies.

In June 2016 a Dunedin local branch was launched to solely focus on local current design and city vision agendas. We hope to gather young (and young-thinking!) locals to collaborate on their hopes for our cities future, to move forward with a common voice to confront our age group's under-represented voice in local council.

Working specifically on Dunedin's long term future, we hope to create campaigns on our city's local agenda; get in touch and we will keep you updated with council's policies and plans that we think are crucial for you to know as a Dunedin resident. National campaigns still run alongside our campaigns, but these will remain based within the university community. 

This page is a place for updates and notices about the Dunedin Specific campaigns – to check out what we're up to at the moment and how you can get involved!