Submit Today on Freyberg Square. More People, Less Cars.

High Street needs new life breathed back into it.

This can be achieved by closing Freyberg Square off to cars, and prioritising pedestrians. 

We need you to tell Auckland Council why this is essential by Sunday, 27th of September. 

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Why this is important:

-This design prioritises people by putting them first.

-The primary focus is to make the area safe and enjoyable for children. The unnecessary road that links High Street to Chancery, going straight through Ellen Melville Hall's backyard must be removed to ensure this. 

-It's important that we make this a place for the 1000s of people the Ellen Melville Hall Community Center serves. The next closest community center after Ellen Melville is Grey Lynn. 

-Attitudes against the upgrade are insistent that this area functions as it did in the 1980's. The problem with this is that the area didn't function in the 1980's.

-Pedestrianised areas are good for business. Business activity has rolled down the hill to Britomart, pedestrianising the area will benefit the local retailers. 

-The change to Freyberg Square and the Ellen Melville Hall will be a significant statement of how we see Auckland's future, by fixing the heart of our city. 

-That space will be opened up to use as an amphitheatre for concerts and movies. A car driving through will greatly depress the experience. 


Here's what you can do to help:

We need you to go through the Council's feedback form and submit your thoughts on the design of Freyberg Square and the Ellen Melville Hall. 

We understand that the process is a bit lengthy, so we've made it super simple for you by putting together a template of the essential questions that need answering in the form. 

You can keep them as is, change them, add more answers to the feedback, or less. It's up to you. 

What's important is that if you care, please say something!




Submission Template for Freyberg Square and the Ellen Melville Hall




I like how the design focuses on people and not on cars




The design of the square needs to ensure that there is always something fun to do.

For example more structures like Pop Up Ping Pong. Being able to move bean bags outside on sunny days from Ellen Melville Hall. Board games.

The design should also encourage people to look after the area, and make it easy for people to enjoy at all hours of the day with lighting and plenty of seating.




It is really important to remove the cars from Freyberg and make it as people friendly and safe for children as possible.




Yes. This change will help to slow down the traffic in the area, making Freyberg and its surrounds more walkable.




Give the cafes more opportunities to put tables and seating outside their businesses. Enable businesses to display their goods on the street.

Answer any others you feel like, otherwise just submit!


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Freyberg Form