Generation Zero responds to “Band-Aid Budget”

The 2016 Budget has been met with a muted response by youth lobby group Generation Zero, labeling the budget the “Band-Aid Budget”

“The housing policies announced in the Budget are band-aids more designed to ease criticism of the government than to solve the housing crisis. We need leadership from central government on housing, today they showed us very little” Says Leroy Beckett, the groups Auckland Director.

“The investments in social housing are much needed. It’s an emergency response though, more based on public relations than a thought out plan for solving the housing crisis. This continues the government's unwillingness to commit fully to solve the housing issue in Auckland. .”

 Beckett warned against thinking any single measure would end the crisis overnight “There is no silver bullet for the housing crisis. The Auckland Council need to play their part by passing the Unitary Plan and Central government need to invest in infrastructure which allows more affordable housing to be built. Without both working together we will be gridlocked.”

 “This band-aid philosophy is also seen in the adjustments to the Emissions Trading Scheme. The steps they have made  forward are too small. The government still has no plan to address climate change”





Leroy Beckett, Auckland Director

[email protected]


About Generation Zero

Young New Zealanders working to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.


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