George St Renewal


Welcome to our submission form for the George Street Renewal plan. The team at Generation Zero Dunedin has put this form together so you can provide the Dunedin City Council with a future proof perspective on what a key feature of our city - George Street - will look like. We have included design principles that: (a) are thoughtful of Dunedin as a valued space and a place to visit, (b) reflect contemporary best practices that account for the short-term and long-term needs of a growing city, and (c) encourage change and flexibility in how people move around the city. Using our submission form will send the DCC a clear message about the sustainable direction you want the city to head in - whilst also accounting for a city design that will help future-proof against changes due to climate change.

The way people move around cities is changing, and the Dunedin City Council needs to provide a design that reflects these changes. The current city layout prioritises cars as the most important user of George Street, and a survey of current transport usage should reflect that. It is important to consider what would be your preferred transport option if car usage becomes increasingly inaccessible. As well as - what are your current barriers to using this alternative at the moment? (Is it the cost, the weather, the timing, the availability?)

Smart transport design does not exclude any particular form of transport as being wrong or needing to be completely removed. It is about creating choices and flexibility so that if a person is unable to use any particular transport mode they are not trapped or immobile; nor would they be obliged to bear unnecessary costs due to a lack of options available.


Putting people first is about how we prioritise movement in a transport plan. For an area this close to the city centre, it is important to prioritise the lowest mobility user because when good design accounts for those with visual, hearing, or physical impairment -all people benefit. Generation Zero's submission form prioritises foot traffic, and people who face the most barriers to using a public space like George Street.


Streets as places is about creating an area that goes beyond the minimum requirements of a street - that you need it to go places. It is about creating designs that make the street itself an area which people value spending their time. The team at Generation Zero believes that transforming George Street into a place worth spending time in - will increase your appreciation of the street space and increase foot traffic in the area. 


Please fill out the form below, and check out some community feedback gathered at our presentation on the 12th of March to get some ideas about specific requests in the design. Also, have a look at the DCC's interactive map and give your feedback on specific places in the street! 

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