Tell Auckland Transport why Grey Lynn needs protected cycleways


Aucklanders deserve safe spaces to ride their bike, and we all know that protected bike lanes are hugely beneficial to everyone. We need your help getting some built in Grey Lynn, Westmere and Arch Hill (the inner west). 

Auckland Transport (AT) realise the importance of protected cycleways and slower traffic speeds too, and they’ve done a pretty top job of putting together improvements for the Inner West suburbs (thanks to the massive public support for cycling and all the wonderful submissions). This is very exciting! And a great opportunity to bring what we have learned from the city cycleways to our local streets.

Here’s a map showing the new bikeways: Great North Road, Richmond Road, Surrey Crescent to Garnet Road, and a ‘greenway route’ that connects local parks:




But, as with most cycling initiatives, there’s also a bit of ‘bikelash’ to be found. Some people are concerned they’ll lose car parking, and a few others are even promoting an anti campaign!

That’s why we need your help us get them over the line!

We think the ‘cost’ of having slightly less on-road car parking is tiny in comparison to the benefit of making our neighbourhoods safer and more pleasant places for people of all ages to walk or bike. We also think it’s a fair trade to make our streets friendlier for children – losing a few parking spots is small, compared to a generation’s lost opportunity to travel safely and independently.

Bottom line: there are three primary schools along these routes, and that puts these projects at the top of our priority list. Communities where children can safely ride their bikes or walk to school are a massive part of our vision of a liveable, low carbon city. It’s why we do what we do.

Plus, these projects are part of a greater picture. By 2018, Karangahape Rd will also be getting long-awaited bike lanes – so building these local networks will allow people to bike safely all the way from Westmere to Lightpath and Quay St and beyond. And, eventually, over the bridge via SkyPath, which recently took another step forward thanks to unanimous support by Auckland Council. It’s fantastic to see AT joining the dots in beyond the city centre too. There is so much hope and change for cycling in our Auckland, it makes us feel optimistic about its future.

So show some love and support for the Inner West’s cycling projects - please use our handy form (on the right) to quickly tell AT you like these plans.