Together with our Council, the Dunedin community has developed exciting visions & strategies that, if implemented, will hugely influence the direction this city takes in transportation, energy, and environmental plans over the next 10 years. The improvement in city debt levels since 2013 - 2016 means the Council has an opportunity to start implementing the plans - but this relies on us giving them the mandate to get on with it, through Annual Plan feedback!


This year, Council has indicated that the feedback received on the Annual Plan will guide the drafting of next year's Long Term Plan - that's the budget for the next 10 years. 
So the issues we raise today, will become tomorrow's priorities.

In just a few minutes, you can fill in and send the form on the right side of this page. We’ve pulled together some possible feedback points for you to choose from - we wanted to make it really easy for forward-thinking Dunedinites whose voices aren’t normally heard. The form also provides you with the opportunity to add anything else you wish to raise with Council.



The points below are a brief overview of the things that we feel are important. To learn more, head across to background information on each topic, or the Council's planning process.










Te Ao Tūroa - Dunedin's Environment Strategy is a new plan that prioritises and guides the city's efforts to reduce carbon emissions, climate change adaptation work, and all other environmental protection. It's crucial that it's funded sufficiently to enable all actions in the plan to get underway. At the moment, Council is suggesting a level of funding that will only allow some of the actions to start in the next year.

Because of this, we suggest that the Council: a) allocates $200,000 of funding in 2017/18, and b) allocates more than $200,000 in the 2017/18 year and beyond so that all ‘initial actions’ are adequately funded, and the specified goals and targets are achieved. 







Low carbon transport options are an essential for Dunedin's future. Thankfully, the Council has many of these already planned. It is vital that these upgrades of civil and public infrastructure are adequately funded and efficiently delivered. 

Because of this, we suggest that the Council prioritise: i) implementation of the Strategic Cycle Network (connected, safe and reliable cycle infrastructure), and ii) early delivery of the Central City Plan (major improvements to the CBD), including pedestrianisation trials commencing as soon as possible.

We also feel that the Dunedin City Council should immediately start investigations into the transfer of public transport governance functions from the Otago Regional Council - a move both Councils have already agreed to in principle (Find out more on our topic info page). 







  At Generation Zero, we know that reducing our carbon emissions has to be our number one priority, if we're to combat the devastating effects of climate change. As Dunedinites, we each have a significant carbon footprint simply because of the carbon footprint and low energy efficiency of much of the city's infrastructure.

Again, our Council has plans to address this. The Energy Plan 1.0 outlines actions that will change city-wide systems so our city wastes less energy and produces fewer emissions - and creates jobs in the process. The Council also has a plan to reduce it's own carbon footprint (the Emissions Management and Reduction Plan). At the moment, it doesn't seem like there's enough funding dedicated to these plans to make the kind of shifts that we know are required.

Because of this, we will be requesting that the Council ensure there is sufficient funding in place to:

i) start delivery of all actions listed in the Energy Plan 1.0, and ii) meet the targets outlined in their Emissions Management and Reduction Plan.