Light Rail proposal for Auckland worth discussing

Youth organisation, Generation Zero, support the innovation and ambition shown by Auckland Transport with their latest investigation into light rail for the central isthmus.

Spokesperson, Dr Sudhvir Singh says ”it’s exciting to see this vision from Auckland Transport, who realise that Aucklanders are demanding a more comprehensive public transport network and better transport choices."

As part of the Regional Land Transport Plan which was released today, Auckland Transport included a proposal for light rail for major arterial routes, including Queen St, Symonds St, Dominion Rd, Sandringham Rd, Manukau Rd and Mt Eden Rd. All of these routes once accommodated light rail as part of Auckland’s extensive tram network which was removed in the 1950’s.

Dr Singh; “Light rail is part of our heritage and can be part of the mix of solutions to our transport problems.”

Light rail was included in the Congestion-Free Network, a transport proposal put forward by Generation Zero in partnership with Transportblog, with light rail suggested for Dominion Road. Dr Singh; “Light rail can play an important role in the wider transport network in Auckland, especially considering that buses for these routes will be at capacity in a few years time.”

Dr Singh; “In the meantime, any potential light rail routes need to be additional to the urgent work required on the region’s rapid transport network, particularly the need for the City Rail Link and further bus priority measures.”

The organisation will be requesting more information from Auckland Transport about timeframes and funding details. 


Contact: Dr Sudhvir Singh, Spokesperson

[email protected] 

For general enquires contact: Ryan Mearns, Communications Director

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