New documents showing road only harbour crossing are ‘outrageous’

Generation Zero are ‘outraged’ to see that a road-only connection is being progressed for the new Auckland Waitemata Harbour crossing, in new documents released by Transport Blog today, rather than a crossing that has both a road and rail connection.

In documents released this morning by Transport Blog, using the Official Information Act, it shows that the government only plan to designate a road based crossing. This is sharp contrast to the how their transport agency NZTA presented the project to the public to date which includes saying that the tunnels include provision for Rapid Transit.

Generation Zero Auckland Director, Leroy Beckett, describes NZTA’s decision to cut a public transport connection as “outrageous”. Mr Beckett; “The decision to cut public transport links from the original Harbour Bridge is deemed to have a been a huge mistake, and it is outrageous NZTA are planning to repeat this.”

The document effectively confirm that the NZTA will not be including rail designations as part of its work and that instead it is up to Auckland Transport. They also note that the ‘lack of clarity’ around rail is the main risk to the route protection process.

Mr Beckett; “Auckland Transport are missing in action from this important process. They have known NZTA have been progressing this crossing for years, and have failed to undertake long term planning that could inform NZTA’s designation process.”

Beckett; “The government and Auckland Transport must work together to ensure planning and for a combined road and rail crossing is progressed at the same time.”

The group is calling for a rail connection to be at the top of the agenda this election.

Mr Beckett; “After the city rail link is built the next major area of development is the North Shore. A rail connection from the North Shore to the city, and through to the Airport is the next major milestone for Auckland, as we’ve outlined in our Congestion Free Network”.


Leroy Beckett

Auckland Director


Further information

Another Road Only Harbour Crossing on the Cards?, Transport Blog,  May 23rd, 2016,

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