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We have a chance to start solving Auckland’s housing crisis, but I need your help.

On Wednesday the Unitary Plan was released. [1] This plan is the rulebook for Auckland Housing, it will decide what sort of houses we can build where in our city. The crucial thing it does is plan for enough homes for everyone who is going to live in Auckland over the next 30 years, something the council’s previous planned failed to do. What’s more is most of those homes will be within our current urban area, rather than as a result of environmental damaging sprawl.

House prices and rents are skyrocketing in Auckland because at the moment we don’t have house for everyone who wants to live here. That mean’s an entire generation are being kept off the housing ladder and families are being kicked out of their homes with nowhere to go. This Unitary Plan gives us the opportunity to change that. But first it needs the support of the Auckland Councillors.

In the past the councillor’s have given in to pressure from resident’s association’s who don’t want anything to change and revoked their support for the density rules that will allow us to build all these much needed homes. The people who are benefiting most from massive growth in house prices have been the ones who have had the most influence on the councillors. We need to change that.

Just last week we got the council to vote in unanimous support of Skypath by showing that it was supported by the vast majority of Aucklanders. We need to do the same with the Unitary Plan. If everyone reading this signs on to say they support the plan, the Councillors will listen.

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Here are five of the biggest reasons for why should #PassthePlan






In order to plan for so many new houses, the Unitary Plan makes a lot of changes to our current rules. The most important ones are changes which allow for increased density in existing suburbs, particularly around public transport lines.

That means that instead of only being allowed to build big single houses in the places people want to live, there can now be apartments, townhouses, and terraced housing. [2] This is great, because part of the problem at the moment is we have only been building those big expensive houses.  A study last year showed that only half of Aucklanders want that type of house. This unitary plan provides homes for the rest of us.

It has some other good idea’s too, like 70% of our growth should come from existing urban areas. That will help to limit housing sprawl which comes with high infrastructure costs and just leads to increased rates, congestion, and carbon emissions. It also does away with some of the outdated parking restrictions that assumed everyone owns a car, to better reflect our modern city.

If you support those ideas and want to see and end to this housing crisis, add your name the petitoin, to help us show the council they need to pass the plan.


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