Generation Zero's Privacy Policy

Generation Zero (“GZ”) is an organisation of young New Zealanders working to eliminate carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities and independence from fossil fuels, including a zero carbon Aotearoa by 2050. 

Privacy statement

GZ takes its privacy obligations seriously. Websites should have a privacy policy that are clear and straightforward about what information a site collects and how it is used.

Our Policy is:

On all websites use by GZ, we will endeavour to promote and protect a person’s privacy and the confidentiality of information relating to our work in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 (NZ). This covers the collection, storage, access to, use of and disclosure of personal information from stakeholders.


Stakeholders means all those parties who have an interest in the organisation and management of GZ, including members, officers of GZ, contributors, volunteers, employees, partner organisations and donors.

Contracted Contributors means all those volunteers and/or contributors to GZ who have signed a Contributors agreement with GZ.

Partner organisations means all those organisations that have a working relationship with GZ, whether on a permanent basis, or temporarily for a specific project.

Trusted partners means a contractor or company working with GZ on a project or for a period of time, and with whom we have signed an agreement requiring that that person or organisation comply with the relevant terms of this Privacy Policy.  Such parties may include IT professionals, survey and data companies, accountants and solicitors.

Collection and use of personal information

  • The following types of personal information are collected by GZ on its various sites: a person’s name, postal address, email address, telephone number and information about their skills and interests, availability to volunteer and level of involvement they would like to have with GZ. Where possible, GZ collects this information directly from the person, although some information is publicly available.

  • GZ maintains email lists of subscribers to keep interested parties informed about the activities of the organisation. A person must agree to subscribe to GZ’s mailing lists and a request can be made to be unsubscribed at any time. This information will be used to create a network and platform to inform our community about GZ and our activities.

  • GZ generates or collects statistical information from our database to create reports to GZ’s funders of our work for these purposes only: to produce reports or other publications; audit requirements; resolve complaints/incident investigations; review purposes; and for education. These statistics will not disclose any identifying information about GZ’s stakeholders.

  • GZ will maintain the confidentiality of the information collected and will not share or disclose a person’s information to third parties unless we have their informed consent to do so, or unless disclosed in accordance with any other part of this Policy.

  • GZ will ensure the confidentiality of members, employees, volunteers, partner organisations, funders and donors in the course of research we conduct or information we produce for the purposes of community development, education and law reform.

  • Members, employees and volunteers shall not at any time or for any reason,whether during or after their involvement with GZ, use or disclose to any person any confidential information relating to the work of GZ, our employees, volunteers and stakeholders including our funders.

  • GZ will ask for a person’s consent before using information for a purpose other than those that are set out in this Policy.

Data security and storage

  • GZ’s database will be password protected and can only be accessed via a valid username and password. Only Contracted Contributors will have access to a person’s account details.

  • GZ will never display a person’s password unless they request for a password reset, in which case an email link will be sent to their email address.


  • GZ will not share, disclose or sell a person’s personal information to third parties.

  • GZ’s Contracted Contributors or trusted partners may have access to a person’s information for purposes of analysing and improving our work (including but not limited to data storage, database management and improvement of our work features), or for the specific purpose of performing tasks on GZ’s behalf.

  • A person’s personal information may be provided to the relevant law enforcement agency if GZ believes in good faith that disclosure is reasonably necessary to (a) comply with a law or compulsory legal request; or (b) to protect the safety of any person from a serious and imminent threat to life or health.

Correction of Information

  • A person is entitled to access their personal information and request changes where  the information is incorrect or incomplete.

Data retention

  • GZ will retain personal and confidential information for as long as the information is needed for GZ’s work, or until a person requests (through GZ’s Privacy Officer) to have their personal details deleted.

  • A person may affirmatively request for their accounts to be deleted by contacting National People Team Director and may contact the Privacy Officer.

  • Once a request has been made, GZ will delete the person’s information as soon as is practicable.

  • Despite the above points, GZ will only retain the person’s information where necessary to comply with legal obligations and resolve disputes in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

The use of Google Drive: Privacy policy and terms of use

  • GZ utilises Google Drive: to search for and share information, to communicate or to create new content, and to store information.

  • Any Google Drive documents containing non-anonymised personal data must have access restricted to officers of GZ for whom it is reasonably necessary to have access to those documents.

  • The default setting for Google Drive documents will be ‘private’ to ensure that this access is only lifted once the document has been cleared as containing no personal data.

  • Details on how Google Drive secures and protects a person’s information can be found [here]

  • Only Contracted Contributors will be given their own GZ Google Drive account.

Online community forum participation: Privacy policy and terms of use

  • GZ provides for an online community and social networking forum through Facebook, GZ’s websites and other online tools such as Twitter and Loomio.  These tools allow members to connect and promote GZ and our projects.

  • By joining one of GZ’s online communities, a person agrees that the terms and conditions of the particular platform applies.  Therefore any personal details they supply at sign-in (including personal details taken from their Facebook profile as part of sign-in) could be:

    • shared with their Facebook friends;

    • published on GZ’s site;

    • accessed by other members;

    • used by GZ to contact them to request for permission to use their contribution;

    • if a person agrees to have their details used to receive further marketing, then their details can also be used for that purpose.

  • Users and members agree not to post any material or comments that could be taken as offensive or defamatory on these websites.   

  • Users and members understand that all GZ Facebook groups are for members to communicate with each other.  These communications will be made public as Facebook is not a private communication channel. GZ has access to and may monitor any communication on these websites.

  • Users and members agree not to post private information of other members in public forums such as ‘discussion boards’.

  • Users and members agree not to use the message system to send any offensive material or comments to any person.

Consequences of breaches

  • Breaches of this Policy by employees and volunteers, particularly in relation to the security of information or the inappropriate use of information, may be subject to disciplinary action which may result in the termination of employment or ability to volunteer.

  • Breaches by users and members may result in the termination of membership after suitable investigation.

  • In cases of a breach of this Policy, the person whose information has been improperly dealt with will be notified as soon as practicable.

Contacting GZ

  • For specific questions about this Policy, the GZ Privacy Officer will be a person’s first point of contact for any issues or complaints that arise regarding questions of privacy and confidentiality.

  • Please contact XXXXX

Changes to GZ’s privacy policy

  • GZ reserves the right to change this Policy from time to time.

  • Changes to this Policy will be posted on this page and if changes are significant, GZ will provide an email notification of changes.

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