Response to NZCID report “Transport Solutions for a Growing City” released today

Generation Zero agrees with the NZCID that Auckland needs a rethink on transport and urban intensification but says that their motorway building binge is the wrong direction for the city.

The group favours an approach that gives Aucklanders transport choices and one that encourages well planned intensification.

Spokesperson for Generation Zero, Leroy Beckett, says; “NZCID’s report is proposing a motorway building binge that will do little to help Aucklanders stuck in traffic. The report attempts to revive Auckland’s defeated Eastern Corridor as a tunnel that is likely to cost many billions and divide communities wherever it surfaces. This will be the first part of a 45km long motorway bypass they propose which is likely to cost $10’s of billions, given the costs for the short Waterview tunnel.”

The report's proposal to open up busways for trucks and other vehicles is outrageous say the group. Mr Beckett; “The Northern busway has been one of the most successful public transport projects in recent times but NZCID’s proposal to add trucks and other vehicles would effectively make it just like our clogged up motorways. The busway should be kept as a congestion free alternative for people to use.”

The group is calling for Auckland Council and the Government to look to its Congestion Free Network, which it release last local body election. Mr Beckett; “Auckland needs a citywide network of busways, rail and light rail that we outlined in our Congestion Free Network three years ago not NZCID’s motorway building binge.”

“We agree Auckland’s transport and housing plans need to be better aligned to solve the serious issues facing our city. We don’t think redoing the mistakes of the past will solve either issue”




Leroy Beckett, Auckland Director

[email protected]

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