Scale Back the East West Connections


The Government and Auckland Transport are planning to spend over $1 billion on a new motorway linking Onehunga and Penrose, including a section blocking off the Manukau Harbour. 

One billion dollars is totally over the top considering important public transport projects that need to be funded in Auckland are being delayed.

Congestion in the area is an issue, but the solution the Government have proposed falls short of providing for the needs of all of the community.

Any congestion issues can be solved for a small fraction of this money, with a focus on public transport, walking and cycling instead.

They've currently put the project out for feedback, wanting to hear what the public have to say. The primary concerns we have for the project are;

  1. The design of the proposed new motorway makes it even more difficult to build rail to the airport. To ensure either light or heavy rail can one day go to the airport, any designs for the motorway should preserve the rail corridor.

  2. The only public transport upgrades proposed are discontinuous shared bus and truck lanes which are poor quality and potentially unsafe. The project should focus on improving public transport in the area to reduce congestion with a network of high frequency bus services with continuous bus lanes.

  3. Current bike infrastructure in the area is disconnected and of low quality. The solution is to provide high quality bike connections linking Onehunga, Penrose, Mangere, Mangere Bridge and Otahuhu.

  4. The new motorway proposes to block off the limited public access there is to the Manukau east of Onehunga, with the cycleway on the land side of the motorway. The project should not have to reclaim the Manukau Harbour. The project should ensure any works near the harbour improve public access, rather than separate the community from the harbour.

  5. Congestion is an issue in the area, but a billion dollar motorway is not the way to go. The Government should focus any road spending on cheap upgrades to fix localised congestion spots.

Use our quick submission form to tell the Government to make these crucial changes to the project.


The East West Connection is open for feedback right now. Use this form to provide feedback.

Note: All submissions will be made public in accordance with planning regulation