Make a quick submission on Seapath to connect up to Skypath


Generation Zero and Bike Auckland support the plans for Auckland’s SeaPath, a 3 km shared path connecting Takapuna and the expanding North Shore cycle network, to the widely anticipated SkyPath.

NZTA are supporting a landward option, which means SeaPath will link in with the various other cycling and walking projects that are being developed on the North Shore. We agree that this is the best design, as it opens up SeaPath for a lot more users and ensures the protection of endangered dotterels.

It also means safer connections to and from SkyPath, the future walking and cycling route over the Auckland Harbour bridge. 


This is all good news. However, to make SeaPath a reality we really need you to show your support.

And to maximize SeaPath's potential, we need your help to tell NZTA that these following points are critical to getting SeaPath right.


1.  We'd like to make sure SeaPath is wide enough for separate space for pedestrians and cyclists. We suggest the path be 5 m in width. 




2.  We need grade separation at Onewa Rd on/off ramps. This means tunneling under Onewa Rd, or putting in an overbridge. This is so pedestrians and cyclists don’t need to cross a busy motorway interchange, giving them a safe passage.



3.  The northern end of SeaPath shouldn’t just end at Esmonde Rd. There needs to be good access to the Akoranga bus station and AUT, providing people with safe, essential links to these key destinations. 


We would like to thank you for your support so far on SkyPath, and hope you're just as passionate about the wonderful SeaPath. 

And we would like to thank NZTA for the work they have done so far on SeaPath. It's close. 

 P.S. The plan for SkyPath is still being considered by the Environment court mediation, and we should hear by half way through the year what form it should take. 


Generation Zero brings this to you in partnership with our friends: