The Quickest Submission Form Ever To Support Skypath


After a decade of massive work by the SkyPath team, we’re at the stage where our input really counts! The resource consent is in and submissions closes in just over a week! Not everyone is panting for it as we are – Residents’ Associations on both sides of the bridge are worried they’ll be deluged by parked cars. Help us show we want to walk and cycle the bridge, so this is all about reducing car use!  

5 Reasons Why You Should Submit


1. The Skypath will provide much needed transport choices by providing a long overdue walking and cycling link between the North Shore and the City. 


2. The Skypath will be a great way to encourage cycling. It will connect the two sides of the harbour allowing people to commute or for a Sunday ride.


3. It will be easily accessible with great work done by Auckland Transport to accommodate all stakeholders.


4. The best thing about it though is that it'll be amazing iconic attraction for Auckland.


5. There's one thing we think that should be changed and that's it's opening hours. We think it should be open till midnight rather than closing at 10PM. If you support this make sure to tick the box to add it to your submission.


Submissions close in less than 2 weeks but we’ve made it super easy to submit in support. Also we have a couple of minor recommendations that we suggest the Council should take up, like having it open till midnight.

Fill out our quick submission form to contribute a positive voice to the discussion, and add what you find important as well.

It’ll literally take 20 seconds but it will really make a difference to show the huge demand for better cycling infrastructure in Auckland.  Submissions close on the 23rd of January so do it now and get it out of the way.



Note: All submissions will be made public in accordance with planning regulation