Stopping unnecessary roading projects solution to transport funding shortfall

Today Auckland Council released the Funding Auckland’s Transport Future report which claims Aucklanders need to choose higher rates, petrol taxes or tolls to pay for future transport projects, when the real issue is the prioritisation of unnecessary low value roading projects.

Dr Sudhvir Singh explains; "Instead of looking at how to raise revenue, the working group should have questioned the Council’s wish list of projects which includes the government’s road-centric transport agenda that has been forced onto Aucklanders. The government is forcing all New Zealanders to pay for motorways that Auckland doesn't need when Auckland already has a complete motorway network. The solution to traffic congestion is giving people transport choices, and we should be prioritising high value projects like the City Rail Link."

By not questioning the list of proposed projects, the Council’s working group have proposed to toll highways as a solution to meet the $12 billion funding gap between what Auckland can afford under the current rating system and what the Council would like to build. 

Dr Singh; "For less than half the money required to fund this wish list of mainly roading projects, Auckland could have world class public transport and cycling networks which would be affordable without imposing news tolls, taxes or increases in rates." 



Dr Sudhvir Singh, Spokesperson

[email protected]