Super Stop for Riccarton

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Riccarton is now the busiest bus corridor in Christchurch with around 3000 passengers boarding each day, yet it lacks a waiting lounge and sufficient bus stops. Not only is this unpleasant for bus users (particularly on a cold winter's day), but it is also a safety hazard as people are often waiting on the road or jaywalking across.

The Council has proposed that a new indoor waiting lounge be constructed at 123-125 Riccarton Road, as well as additional bus stops at 114-120 Riccarton Road. [1] The proposal has received negative responses from some local businesses, who are concerned that the waiting lounge will increase crime in the area, as well as pollution and congestion. In reality, prioritising public transport reduces pollution and congestion caused by a high number of private vehicles on the road, and makes it easier for customers to visit stores.

Encouraging public transport use through improved facilities is an important and positive step towards rebuilding a low-carbon, liveable city.

Sign the petition to encourage the council to go ahead with a super stop for Riccarton!

[1]New Riccarton site found for bus lounge, The Press, 06/10/2014

[More information]Riccarton bus plans on hold, The Press, 19/12/2013

To Christchurch City Council and The Mayor:

"An indoor waiting lounge at 123-125 Riccarton Road and new bus stops from 114 - 120 Riccarton Road are fully justified given that Riccarton is now the busiest bus corridor in Christchurch. Don't miss another opportunity to improve public transport for Riccarton!"

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