This is Important. Email Your Councillor To Tell Them To Support Housing Choice

You might have seen in the media recently some ‘controversy’ over the Unitary Plan. [1] Advocates of sprawl are outraged they haven’t got their way and so are doing everything in their power to delay the process. Transport Blog have pointed out that these groups are simply spreading fear, as the facts don’t support their view. [2]

Auckland urgently needs more housing choices if we are to address our housing affordability crisis. That’s why the Unitary Plan is so important. Tomorrow Councillors are meeting to decide. At the moment hundreds of emails are being sent to Councillors urging them to do all they can to undermine the Unitary Plan. That’s why we need to push back and tell the Councillors why it’s so important that we make sure the Unitary Plan enables more housing choice in the city in order to address the housing affordability crisis.

All we need you to do is send an email to Councillors asking them to support more housing choices in Auckland. You don’t have to understand the entire process -- you just need to speak your heart. If just a few hundred of us send an email we put some proportion into the debate. So email your councillor and say you still support density done well.


  1. Revolt in the suburbs, NZ Herald, Saturday Feb 20, 2016
  2. Unitary Plan rezoning: fact-checking vs fears, Transport Blog, February 19th, 2016