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Tell the Council to quit stalling and build separated cycleways!


We’re at a turning point for cycling in Wellington. Major progress is within our grasp, but looking uncertain. Right now our input is crucial to ensure our council makes good on its promise to make our city safe for people on bikes.


With Wellington currently one of the most dangerous NZ cities to cycle in, let’s make sure cycling infrastructure gets prioritised in the Long Term Plan.


The Council has been talking the talk but in reality we have yet to see one safe separated cycleway built in Wellington city - and we think they can do better!


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We want to the Council to...


1. Fund safe cycling!

We want to send a clear message to Wellington City Council - support ongoing funding for a separated cycleway network. Separated cycleways make it safe for people of all ages who want to ride - not just the “road warriors” who are comfortable gambling with traffic.  

The Council’s own research shows there is huge latent demand for cycling in the capital.


2. Get building

It’s past time construction of safe cycleways got started. Wellingtonians want to see a new project underway that is more than just painted lines on the road.


The Council is still finalising a cycle network plan to prioritise projects, but there's one ready to go now: the Island Bay Cycleway. It's a good design that will deliver real benefits to Island Bay residents and form the start of a safe connection to the CBD.

Let's get the ball rolling with Island Bay while we advance progress on the next cycleway projects. The Council could also look at separated cycleway trials in other locations.


3. Chill out the CBD

We could easily make the CBD way safer and friendlier for cyclists and pedestrians alike right now by simply lowering the CBD speed limit. To the Council - take another look at reducing speeds on inner city roads in Wellington. Reduced speeds will provide another level of safety for cyclist and pedestrians in inner city Wellington and cost almost nothing.


Submit now to show the Council that Wellingtonians want a city that’s safe for people on bikes.


Check out the Council's Long Term Plan website to see what ideas others have contributed.



Cycling Demand Analysis report, Wellington City Council









Note: All submissions will be made public in accordance with planning regulation