Use this super-quick submission to make Wellington a city for people, not cars!


Submissions to the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan have now closed.


Thanks for your interest though! You rock. Keep on being great.

Wellington is awesome. It's compact, you can get around without a car, you can live close to where you work and play. If we do things right, Wellington could become one of the most livable, low carbon cities on the planet.

But Greater Wellington Regional Council wants to put through a plan to spend most of what it's spending on ineffective motorways that threaten what makes Wellington great, and people's choice to move beyond their cars.

The Regional Land Transport Plan shapes our city, by saying how our transport system gets developed in the next 10-30 years. It's open for submissions, but only until Feb 20th!

There's a lot of detail in the plan, but it's the overall vision that's the issue. We need your visionary submission, so the council will be forced to make Wellington the fun, happy, low carbon city we know it can be.

We want a city for people, not cars - achieved by:


  • Public transport that works so well you want to take it: A high-frequency, attractive and all-electric passenger transport system that beats the bus congestion issue, with light rail put back into consideration as the best high-capacity solution.
  • Places you want to be: ‎Pedestrianising the Golden Mile and improving pedestrian facilities city-wide to create people-friendly streets in key retail and housing areas.‎
  • Streets so safe you just want to ride: A safe cycling network throughout the city with physical separation from motor traffic where possible.‎
  • Money where it matters: Funding for the above transferred from the $1bn allocated to Wellington City Roads of National Significance.‎


Do you agree? Fill in the super-quick form on the right to send the message straight to council.

Yes, this is bold. But sometimes that's what's needed. Wellington's transport planning is dominated by people whose careers have come from institutions dedicated just to roads, not a complete vision for transport. We can have incredible things if we continue to push for change.

We've been working on this with a new group called FIT Wellington, which stands for Fair and Intelligent Transport. They've come up with a top-notch submission of their own, which gives a great in depth explanation of the issues.

If you want to make your own conclusions, check out GWRC's page on the submission process here.

Finally - we will hold a session to help and support anyone who wishes to submit orally. The oral submission will be made on the 9th and 10th of March. Even though this seems scary, it's actually not a hard thing to do. If you think you might want to do it, tick yes and if you lose your nerve later you can always pull out.

Make your submission now and tell council why you think this is important.

Note: All submissions will be made public in accordance with planning regulation